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11 September 2020 Evolis Awards Plastic-ID with Platinum Parter Status
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Here at Plastic-ID, we are proud to announce that Evolis has awarded us Platinum Partner status. Evolis is widely recognised as the market leader in plastic card printing and offer a wide range of high-quality products that we are proud to stock.Our Platinum Partner status means we constantly receive training on products both old and new. Our knowl..
7 September 2020 Plastic-ID Earn Magicard's Approved Partner Status
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Plastic ID are delighted to announce that Magicard Printers has awarded us with Approved Partner status. Magicard offers a wide variety of ID card printers, including a full range of desktop printers that are perfect to use in any setting or on any budget, and each printer features built-in security elements to keep your ID system safe and sound.Th..
4 September 2020 Plastic-ID Grows with new Partners
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Here at Plastic-ID, we aim to grow and expand our business sustainably with every year that passes. With further expanding comes new opportunities, and we’re proud to have been recognised as official partners and resellers of many incredible brands so far.We’ve been partnered up with Paxton and Mifare for a long time and appreciate the trust they s..
8 May 2012 Everyday Security with Flexible Badge Holders
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One of the most popular items to be used with flexible badge holders is the lanyard that keeps an identification card in place. Most employees are familiar and comfortable with the use of this small bit of security, even though they don't know what the name of the item is. However, lanyards have become more popular with employers who are looking fo..
16 February 2012 Badge Buddy Holders for ALL Industries
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Badge Buddy Holders are one of the best ID holders you can buy on the market today. They are not only attractive, but they are made of high-quality materials that make them sturdy and strong. If you are like most companies that need an ID holder for a staff badge, membership card or other types of identification, you are looking for something that ..
23 November 2011 Access Control Cards from HID
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In today's world, security has become a top priority in the news and among companies and businesses. It is essential to have a policy and set of procedures to keep your customers and workers safe, as well as your personal, private, and professional information. Intruders can come from anywhere, and they will take whatever they can get away with if ..
9 August 2011 The Convenience of Retractable Reel Badge Holders
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The need for increased security should be prompting companies to invest in the most top-of-the-line items to maintain this security. When discussing ID cards, there are a variety of options for keeping these items safe. ID cardholders are essential, but businesses and organizations should carefully consider which ones they are going to use to reduc..
9 August 2011 How To Choose An ID Card Holder For Your Staff
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If you're the head of a company that requires the best in security, then you know the importance of choosing an ID card holder for your staff. The ID card is the number one thing that distinguishes your highly-trained staff from other civilians, so making the right decision about a cardholder is tantamount to ensuring your company's continued uncom..
9 August 2011 Securing Your Business With ID Cards
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ID cards are among the best investment a business can make to help keep the company more secure. ID cards can be provided to full time or even temporary employees of medical centres, sports arenas, banks and financial institutions, colleges and universities, along with many other types of businesses as a form of official recognition. Cards can help..
24 May 2011 Create A Classy Look With Custom Lanyards For ID Badges
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Many companies are sending their employees to conferences and trade shows where ID cards or tags are required. Likewise, ID is required in many offices for security purposes. ID cards can also advertise your company and can be given away as a promotion. To advertise your company or boost office morale, custom lanyards will dress up ID cards and add..
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