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Retransfer Printers

Brand: Magicard Model: 3680-0001
Powered by a high-grade processing unit with an impressive array of features, Ultima is ideal for the localised or centralised issue of high-volumes of secure smart cards.An intuitive touch screen, with print preview and supplies indicators, provides an easy-to-use interface to Magicard’s most advanced and durable print engine.Ultima enables you to print up to 100 high definition full colour cards per hour. The quality of print means staff can quickly and easily identify the facial features on ID cards for comparison against the holder. This makes it the ideal solution for drivers’ licences, national ID cards and other cards where security is paramount.The Ultima retransfer printer comes with built-in visual security via the use of up to 10 secure HoloKote® watermarks. That means that if you choose to do so, you can distinguish different departments with a separate holographic design. For additional built-in security, Ultima exploits the wavelengths of the dye-film so it can fluoresce under UV lighting.High capacity consumables (1000 prints) and hoppers, combined with a range of encoding options to write secure electronic data to the card, make the Ultima ideal for high volume localised or centralised issuance of secure smart cards.High-quality reverse transfer card printingThe key to the Magicard Ultima is the reverse transfer (also called retransfer) printing process. Unlike the standard dye sublimation process, your card design is first printed on a clear film and that film is then adhered to the card surface. This process gives you a higher definition print quality and allows you to print successfully even on smart cards with uneven surfaces. It also gives you additional card durability and tamper-resistance so the cards will last longer.Secure ID cards with Magicard HoloKote®As with all Magicard printers, the Ultima comes with the built-in HoloKote® system and prints a secure watermark across the face of every card at no additional cost – the first reverse transfer printer to offer this.New with the Ultima, you can now print a Secure HoloKote® – a fluorescent version of the HoloKote® watermark that will show up under black light, adding another layer of security to your cards. Choose from 10 standard patterns of Secure HoloKote®, printed using the specialised YMCKS secure colour ribbon...
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Brand: Magicard Model: 316-7060
Feature & BenefitsSingle and double-sided variantsInline laminator options, single or double-sidedUV feature now on all productsCentral lockingHighest photo quality images, printed right to the edge of the card.Bend remedy as standard on single-sided; as option on double-sided model.Contactless encoding options (Philips Mifare, Desfire, HID iClass; Legic)Contact chip encoding option (Programming facility for smart cards.)Magstripe encoding option (for access control, time and attendance)USB & Ethernet as standardFull 3 years UltraCoverPlus warranty with no hassle printhead and loaner cover in the EU and North America.OptionsVariants: Prima 4 Uno (Single Side), Prima 4 Duo (Dual-sided)Lamination: Optional lamination module, single side or double sided. Clear, standard and custom holograms.Magnetic Stripe: HiCo / LoCo magnetic stripe encoder.Smart Card Encoding: Chip and contactless cards supported: Phillips, Mifare, DesFire. HID:iClass, Legic.SpecificationsSecurity Features: Holographic laminates can be applied with optional in-line laminator. YMCK-UV ribbons can be used with all models.Warranty: Three years UltraCoverPlus warranty which includes full printhead coverage and free loaner service - North America and EU only. Elsewhere 12 months limited warranty.Dye Film: Prima 431 1000 prints – Set of 1 YMCK dye film + 1 retransfer film.Prima 433 750 prints – YMCKK - Full color on front, black on reverse.Prima 434 250 prints – YMCK-UV - Full color + UV panel.Re-Transfer film: Re-transfer film 1000 prints.Printhead Replacement: Simple field replaceable unit.PC Interfaces: USB 2.0. and Ethernet fitted as standard on all models.Software: Windows 2000 Professional (SP4), XP (SP2, SP3), Vista (SP1), Windows Server R2 SP2, Server 2008Cleaning: Removable cleaning roller cassette.Dimensions: 343mm width x 320mm height x 330mm length. (13.5" width x 12.6" height x 13" length)Print Speed Up to 80 cards per hour single-sided.Weight: 15.5 kg (34.10 pounds).Card Thickness 0.25mm to 1mm (10 mil to 40 mil)..
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