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The Convenience of Retractable Reel Badge Holders

The need for increased security should be prompting companies to invest in the most top-of-the-line items to maintain this security. When discussing ID cards, there are a variety of options for keeping these items safe. ID card holders are essential, but businesses and organizations should carefully consider which ones they are going to use to reduce the chance that these cards will be lost.

One of the ways to keep badges safe is to use badge reels. These reels are retractable devices that can help keep badges secure. We have a variety of these items for anyone who wants to see what a difference they can make in both convenience and security. Our Mini Retractable Badge Reel has a cord that retracts easily and a belt clip made of metal that also has a slide mechanism. Another of our products is the Medium Duty Badge Reel, which offers a strap for easy carrying or clipping to belt loops. A different version of this product comes with a plastic hook that is convenient and easy to use.

They also offer an Easy ID Reel, which is a heavy duty device that is long-lasting and durable. These reels provide users a seventy-six centimeter cord which offers convenient access to card reader systems. Their attachment is in the style of a carabiner as well. Their mini badge reels with ratchet can be used for ease of computer log-ins, or for other ID cards. Another of the designs for reel badge holders on is the yo-yo style badge holder, offered by CardKeep. This badge holder has a retractable cord, so it is easy to use when showing credentials.

Badge reels are ideal for people who have access to a variety of secure areas and who need to be sure they haven’t left any of these credentials or keys anywhere that they could be stolen. With all of the options for maximum security and convenience when handling access control management, we have right right badge reel to suit your need.

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