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Access Control Cards from HID

In today's world, security has become a top priority in the news and among companies and businesses. It is essential to have a policy and set of procedures to keep your customers and workers safe, as well as your personal, private, and professional information. Intruders can come from anywhere, and they will take whatever they can get away with if they are not stopped. The days when companies could afford to let people wander through their offices and buildings with blind faith and trust are gone, and may not return for some time. Until they do, it is up to each company and business to take the steps necessary to prevent the infiltration of intruders who would do the company harm. A quick, easy, and extraordinarily effective way of improving security throughout your building is through the use of access control cards from HID.

Access control cards are essentially cards that are registered within the building and serve to keep certain people in or out of certain areas. For example, in a business setting, you might want to allow all of your customers, workers, and high level executives to have access to the ground floor, as this is where your sales department might be located, as well as where your products available for sale are situated. In such a case, you want everyone to be able to get in and out of there during normal business hours.

However, on the second floor of the building might be where the research and design goes on, and where the company takes inventory of the number of things that are being sold and the number of things that need to be bought to replenish them. At this level, you might only want the workers and supervisors to have access, because if the customers wandered up there, not only would they not have anything to buy (since much of the products might not yet be out of boxes or marked with prices), they would also be able to take materials out with them without paying for them, or see products yet in development.

Access control cards from HID keep the workers and supervisors in and the clientèle out. Finally, on the third floor of the building might be where the money is stored. This might also be where the ideas are stored; where the drawing boards are located and where the high level designers and executives of the company figure out where the company is headed and where it has been and how it will get there. This might also be where executives decide which employees should continue to be kept in employment and which ones should be let go. As you can imagine, you don't want the regular workers to have access to this area or to this information, and you certainly don't want the regular customers to be able to wander in and out of this level as they please.

Access control cards from HID are simple plastic cards with security information embedded in them that keep the people you want inside and the people you don't out.

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