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ID Accessories with Price: £30.00 - £40.00 and Colour: Blue

ID card accessories enable you to protect and display your cards in the best possible way. Our range of id badge holders, clips, necklaces, badge reels, lanyards, and card racks ensure that it is easy to display your ID cards clearly and help reduce the unnecessary renewal of cards through damage and wear and tear.

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  • Open Ended Lanyards With Metal Trigger Clip

    Our open ended lanyards with metal trigger clip are ideal for conferences and events where the front of exhibitor badges and attendees passes must be shown. An open ended lanyard ensures that badge holders don't swivel allowing for easy identification at all times.

    Length: 95cm end to end
    Width: 15mm
    With plastic safety breakaway attachment behind the neck.
    Choice of colour: Black, Red, Blue

    100 per pack

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    (£33.00 ex VAT) (Price:£39.60 inc VAT)

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  • Blue Staff Pre-Printed Breakaway Lanyard with Metal Clip

    Quickly and visually identify staff members with these blue staff safety lanyards with metal clip

    100 per Pack

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    (£39.75 ex VAT) (Price:£47.70 inc VAT)

  • Blue Visitor Pre-Printed Breakaway Lanyard With Metal Clip

    Identify visitors easily with these high quality blue visitor lanyards with metal clip.

    100 per pack

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    (£39.95 ex VAT) (Price:£47.94 inc VAT)

3 Item(s)

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