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ID Badge Holders | ID Card Holders | In Stock - Next Day Delivery with Orientation: Vertical and Colour: Clear

We stock a large range of ID badge holders suitable for a range of applications - from protecting staff ID cards with a rigid badge holder, to lightweight flexible wallets for visitor passes and conferences. For everyday use with staff ID cards we recommend a hard wearing rigid badge holder - either open faced or enclosed. Our open faced holders are available in a range of colours to match your companies branding and are available as both single sided or double sided, and landscape and portrait formats. For enclosed badge holders, again available are both landscape and portrait are clear and are ideal for staff who need to protect the front of an ID card from scratches. Our most hard wearing badge holder is the enclosed Badge Buddy holder - made from polycarbonate these card holders are crystal clear and near indestructible. We also supply a rigid half badge holder that is ideal for use with magnetic stripe access control points.

For paper visitor passes and conferences we offer a range of flexible holders and pouches from credit card size up to A6. Some of the range have coloured tops to enable a quick visual check of passes issued.

For security guards and door security, we recommend not using a lanyard with the badge holders but to use an armband badge holder instead.

All our badge holders are suitable for use with lanyards, retractable badge reels, clips and pins.

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  • Open Faced Badge Holders - Vertical

    Vertical rigid badge holders to display photo ID cards, ID badges, staff identity badges, membership cards and more. Worn with a strap clip or lanyard to prolong life of ID cards. To fit a credit card sized card (86mm x 54mm)

    100 per pack

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    (£12.50 ex VAT) (Price:£15.00 inc VAT)

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  • Flexible Badge Holder Credit Card Size - Vertical

    Vertical PVC Badge holders - Credit Card size

    Clear on both sides

    Holder size - 67mm x 115mm
    Pouch size - 63mm x 87mm

    100 per pack

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    (£16.50 ex VAT) (Price:£19.80 inc VAT)

  • Enclosed Badge Holders - Vertical

    Enclosed Badge holders in clear polycarbonate with thumb slot on reverse. This holder allows both sides of the card to be viewed through the enclosure. Holders to fit standard CR80 credit-card sized cards, nominally 85.60 by 53.98 millimetres (3.370 x 2.125 in).

    100 per pack

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    (£40.00 ex VAT) (Price:£48.00 inc VAT) As low as: £32.50

  • A6 Flexible Badge Holder - Portrait

    Our A6 badge holders are made from a clear PVC vinyl and are ideally suited for conference passes and event badging. The A6 holders are both lightweight & flexible and come with 3 holes at the top of the holder to allow both single and dual attachment lanyards. The A6 portrait badge holder is clear on the front and reverse.

    We offer a choice of options on our A6 holders - standard and oversized.

    Standard - For use with folded A4 paper
    Insert size: 156mm H x 107mm W
    Overall size: 178mm H x 113mm W

    Oversized - For use with A6 paper inserts, folded A4 paper, and multiple page A6 booklets.
    Insert size: 156mm H x 115mm W
    Overall size: 179mm H x 121mm W

    Samples available

    100 per pack

    We also offer the reverse of the standard A6 badge holders to be pre-printed in full colour which can provide an ideal area for displaying your event sponsor's branding. Please contact us for more information.

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    (£28.00 ex VAT) (Price:£33.60 inc VAT) As low as: £21.50

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  • Double Sided Open Faced Badge Holder

    The perfect solution if you need to carry two cards.

    To fit to credit card sized cards (86mm x 54mm)

    100 per pack

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    (£27.50 ex VAT) (Price:£33.00 inc VAT)

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  • Badge Buddy ID Card Holder - Vertical

    Crystal clear enclosed badge holders - extra sturdy, available in vertical / portrait format. Holder is transparent allowing both sides of card to be seen through the enclosure.

    100 per pack

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    (£75.00 ex VAT) (Price:£90.00 inc VAT)

  • Badge Prison ID Card Holder - Vertical

    The vertical / portrait Badge Prison badge holder is designed for use in high security environments. Up to 2 standard thickness PVC cards card is placed within the holder and they are secured in place by an end cap.

    For single use only.

    100 per pack

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    (£109.95 ex VAT) (Price:£131.94 inc VAT)

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