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How To Choose An ID Card Holder For Your Staff

If you're the head of a company that requires the best in security, then you know the importance of choosing an ID card holder for your staff. The ID card is the number one thing that distinguishes your highly-trained staff from other civilians, so making the right decision about a card holder is tantamount to ensuring your company's continued uncompromising security.

A flexible credit card-sized holder is the industry standard for ID cards in most offices. The plastic is soft yet durable, meaning that it can withstand being put into purses, bags, and pockets. The material is clear enough to see the employee's credentials through, and there is even a number of slots on the top of the card holder to allow it to be attached to a lanyard or key ring. These are inexpensive to purchase in bulk and, as stated before, are fairly standard for most work places.

A multicard badge holder, as the name implies, is ideal for companies who require their employees pass through several levels of security clearance. However, it should be noted that these are generally more expensive that the standard plastic card holder, as they have a higher carrying capacity. As such, it's advised that unless your business has several different doors or security checkpoints that each require a different card, this option shouldn't be considered.

However, if you require that your employees carry only two cards, then the double sided card holder is exactly what you're looking for. Two cards easily slide in next to each other in this cleverly-designed apparatus, whose clear plastic material makes is simple to read the information no matter which side you're looking on. If you need to slide one out to pass it through a sensor, you can grip onto the card and pull it out without disrupting the other credentials. If you're employees need space for two cards and they don't want to be fumbling around their personal effects to find each card, give this to them and watch their day get better instantly.

When you're choosing an ID card holder for your staff, you need to take a few things into consideration. If your staff members only have one card that they need to have on their person at all times, then the standard plastic holder is perfect for keeping their credentials exactly where they need. As the level of clearance needed increases, you can opt to give these employees specialized card holders to accommodate for the numerous cards they're going to need to carry.

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