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About Datacard ID Printers

The Datacard family of ID card printers is extremely well established and comes with a line of handy accessories. These printers are capable of security measures such as chip programming and mag-strip encoding and are set up to print on a large selection of media.

The Datacard SP25 Plus Card Printer has been designed specifically for low volume projects that are compatible with manual feed simplex card printing. It features the innovative card re-writing technology that allows the use of reusable cards and is capable of printing logos, alphanumeric text and digitized signatures. Several different background patterns are also available, as are a variety of barcodes, and the unit has a 300dpi print resolution. It will take 30 seconds to print a full-colour card and offers 256 different shades of colour.

The Datacard SP35 Plus is a single-sided card printer that can produce 500 monochrome or 120 full-colour cards per hour. Simple upgrades can also be applied, which will enable the unit to handle smart card personalisation and magnetic strip encoding. It also features Datacard's Advanced Image Technology system that enables the printing of text, graphics and photographs across a card's entire surface. Further features include a continuous cleaning roller and a printhead that is operator-replaceable.

The Datacard SP55 Plus can be set to either single- or double-sided mode and has the capacity to create cards with high quality security features by utilising proximity, magnetic encoding, smart card and bar code technology. Single-sided monochrome cards can be printed at a rate of 700 per hour, with double-sided full-colour cards coming in at 115 cards per hour. It also has an automatic card feed, operating printer driver systems that make it compatible with Microsoft Windows Me, XP and 2000 and a USB cable connection. A soft-sided carrying case is also an attractive option.

The Datacard SP75 features both first-rate printing and lamination options and is capable of producing the top-of-the-line cards that are required by the military, national government and the police. Possibly the best card laminating unit on the market today, options include single or double-sided lamination, lamination of cards created by other card printers and the capacity to use different types of lamination on different sides of the same card. Other features include stand-alone "smart" driver diagnostics, user adjustable colour and image control and an e-Guide for online user help.

Datacard has years of experience behind every printer, and it shows.

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