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A Buyer's Guide To
ID Accessories

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For Jacket & Shirt Pockets

Clip attachments hold & display cards and can be used in a variety of ways to display your ID cards, visitor badges or conference passes. They are often used in together with our badge holders which can be found further below.

Metal Clips

Hot Buying Tip #1

You generally require a clip, reel or lanyard PLUS a badge holder

Badge Reels

For Belts, Waists and Trousers

Retractable badge reels are great for access control cards and for cards that are in constant use. Whenever you need to use your card, simply pull the card to the reader, present or swipe it and the cord will retract back into the holder.

Mini Reels

Mini Reel with Strap clip BLACK

Mini Reel with Strap clip BLUE

Mini Reel with Strap clip WHITE

Medium Duty Badge Reels

Medium Duty Badge Reel with hook

Medium Duty Badge Reel with strap

CardKeep Badge Reel with Hook

Heavy Duty Badge Reels

HD reel - belt clip & vinyl strap (38mm)

HD reel - belt clip & key ring (38mm)

Extra HD reel - belt slide & key ring (51mm)

Executive Badge Reels

Premier reels - Blue, red, yellow, white

Easyreel reel

Printed Badge Reels

For the finishing touch, badge reels can be fitted with an acrylic dome, which can be printed in up to 4 colours to promote your company image.

Printed Badge Reels 1

Printed Badge Reels 2

Printed Badge Reels 3

Printed Badge Reels 4

Hot Buying Tip #2

Badge reels are a must have for access control cards
Mini badge reel with a hole punched card

Easily present the card directly to the reader

Lanyards, Necklaces & Cords

Great for conferences, events and quick visual verification

We supply a range of lanyards allowing you to wear and display your cards with a minimum of fuss. Lanyards are both colourful and far more comfortable than necklaces as well as being safer. For complete security our breakaway lanyards are ideal - if grabbed, they will immediately come apart and can then be re-fastened.

Pre-Printed Lanyards

Hot Buying Tip #3

Custom lanyards are a great place for an event sponsors logo

Badge Holders

Protect cards from wear and tear with our range of card holders.

Enclosed Badge Holders

For the highest in protection including outdoor use, we recommend enclosed badge holders.

Badge Buddy Holders

Crystal clear enclosed badge holders by Badge Buddy are the finest holders we supply.

Open Faced Badge Holders

Multiple Card Badge Holders


Arm Holders

Hot Buying Tip #4

Something about badge holders